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Maverick Enterprises USA

Home of Snap 2 It Snap Jewelry
                    Home of Maverick Mart USA


We are excited to introduce new products available through our parent brand, Maverick Mart USA. Products such as collectible knives and movie swords and hats, t-shirts and more are available. Plus, you still get the excitement of snap jewelry from Snap 2 It Snap Jewelry along with Smart Watches, cell phone cases, and other fine items. The variety is endless when you put these two together. Thanks to our customers, we are growing and continuing to look for opportunities to serve you better. 

You can also visit us at our location in the Marion Centre Mall in Marion, Ohio. 

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Snap 2 It Snap Jewelry
Maverick Mart USA
Marion Centre Mall
1395 Marion-Waldo Road
Marion, OH 43302

Smart Watches Have Arrived

We have a fresh shipment of Smart Watches available. These items are android style and work as a stand alone cell phone with carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile. Equipped with slots for Sim and Micro SD cards. Comfortable and adjustable wrist band. Other features include camera, pedometer and lots more. 


Snap Jewelry Buttons

12mm * 18mm * 20mm

Rhinestone * Glass * Metals

Snap Necklaces

From elegant to everyday these items will dazzle you. 

Snap  Bracelets

Adjustable * Silver Alloys * Leather * Children's Sizes

Snap Rings

Adjustable rings that offer options from 12mm ginger snaps to 18mm styles.

Snap Earrings

Several styles of earrings that receive 12mm or 18mm sized snap buttons. Hook style.