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Taking the BIG Step - Opening Our Location

Posted on January 15, 2018 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Well the time has come! Snap 2 It Snap Jewelry is coming to the Marion Centre Mall in Marion, OH as a permanent merchant location. We are excited yet a bit frightened at the idea of this event. Our plate is full as we make preparations and try to get the word out. We trust this will be a successful venture. How did it all get started? Simple....we cared. 

The first day we walked into Marion Centre Mall after having moved to Marion from Little Rock, AR, we were shocked. Many of the stores were closed and traffic was very light. We thought the whole place was closed at first. We stopped an older couple who were there walking around the mall perimeter. My question was simple, "What happened?" The couple smiled gingerly and explained that the economy of the past 10 years hurt the mall retailers and the community where it made its home. Many stores closed and left. 

As my wife and I continued to walk around observing the features of the mall, we liked what we saw as far as the enviroment. A large community social area with televisions, seating, and pool tables adorned the center area of the mall. A still active movie theatre, available conference rooms, and a children's activity area were among other features. Some stores were still open and after visiting with shop owners, I was given a sense that hope was still there. 

Later, after our initial visit, Carla and I became aquainted with the mall management team. We were invited to a weekend event to display our Snap 2 It Snap Jewelry. The price was right, the timing was before Christmas, and the location in the mall was perfect. We were located right in front of a major retailer and several smaller merchants. Sales were great that weekend. We decided to go back for the weekend before Christmas. Again, a smashing weekend. One thing we always realized in Marion was that our product was well received and we did well with sales. 

After visiting many times with the mall staff, we were convinced that our timing for getting in as a merchant was perfect. The mall staff has been working feverishly to get committments from merchants to move in. Our presence would be a big help too. We got excited about being on a ground level revitaliztion of this community shopping center. So, after much debate and GREAT FAITH, we are making the step. Here we come....WE ARE IN IT TO WIN!

FYI: if you would like to help, see our website homepage for a link to our Go Fund Me page. We are looking for financial assistnace with our venture. 

Taking a Little Rest

Posted on January 2, 2018 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Snap 2 It Snap Jewelry by Maverick Mart USA will be taking a small rest for the next several weeks from doing any events or home parties. We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season. Now for us, we will be using the next few weeks to regroup our efforts and plan for upcoming events that we will let you in on very soon.